The Airdale is the production version of John Larsen's renowned "Pursang". John took his original Avid MkIV "Hauler" and highly modified it to suit the popular 4 cycle, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed 100hp Subaru EA81 auto engine. Engines now include Continental and Rotax.

Modifications to the original Avid included the following:
-Fuselage stretched by 16" to give better ground handling and CG flexibility.
-Tow piece, easy to install, 74" wide track aluminum landing gear.
-Re-raked windshield.
-Simplified control system which incorporated differential flaperon controls.
-Redesign of cockpit structure to remove tubes from behind seats giving easier access to a larger baggage area(55 gal. drum size).
-Individual, fully adjustable, easy to remove tilt and slide seats.
-Belly structure in footwell area modified to give extra leg and head room.
-Double tailspring for better resilience to rough terrain landings.
-Wider cockpit and doors to accommodate larger pilot and passenger.
-Redesigned cowling to accommodate greater range of engines.
-Modifications to Avid wing to increase Gross Weight capability to 1400 lb.
-Full stress analysis to comply with JAR regulations at 1400 lb. Maximum Takeoff Weight.

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