Setting New Standards for the Kitplane Industry

Mark IV

The Mark IV represents the great advancement in design yet achieved at Avid Aircraft. This airplane incorporates all the features our customers have asked for.

Building on more than a decade producing the finest kit-plane the industry has to offer, Avid's Mark IV is the most refined folding wing kit available today. Compare the standard features of our Mark IV with any other kit. We include a baggage compartment with external door, electric elevator trim, cabin heat, spinner, carpet, chrome sticks and cabin vents as standard equipment in every Mark IV! We also include a complete instrument package, your choice of aerobatic speed wings or S.T.O.L. wings, and you can elect either tri-gear or tailwheel. No other kit at any price offers the standard equipment and flexibility of the Avid Mark IV.

We know that you are probably choosing your Mark IV as your first kitplane. So we have taken extra care to make certain your kit will assemble quickly and easily. When you open your crate you will immediately be impressed with the quality of the parts. Each one has been carefully crafted by Avid's technicians. All welding is complete, the fiberglass parts are formed and the wing ribs are built. All hardware has been meticulously sorted and bagged and the upholstery is pre-sewn. You will be impressed by the detailed and comprehensive construction manual. We have lavishly illustrated our manual with many drawings plus there is a photo section that includes a number of 3 inch by 5 inch color photos of complete subassemblies. We also have a trained staff of customer service representatives to help you on the phone and each of these trained professionals have actually built an Avid airplane!

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